Monday, February 10, 2014

HGH Facts


Well you're probably hearing a lot about HGH herbal supplements like GenF20 Plus and similar products by now. Some of the things you are hearing are
good others are bad right?

So what is the truth and what is just made up? Well I've taken the
time to sift through endless sources and compile what I have learned
about HGH products and the claims their creators make.

Here are just a few claims some companies make and the truth about
those claims:

    * Claim - All HGH supplements have been clinically tested.

       Truth - There are countless products on the market and sadly
        enough 90% of products will never be tested.

    * Claim - all of the human growth hormone supplements sold in
       today have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

       Truth - The only HGH treatment that has been tested and approved
       by the FDA are the ones prescribed by doctors.

       Over the counter   product that are sold on store shelves have not been
       tested or approved by the FDA.

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